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Hey folks, how are you?

I've been away for a while on legitimate work so I was quite surprised to find more than one commission request when I got back! To keep them straight and make sure the commissioners know where they stand, here a list of what I'm working on so far.

UPDATE: A couple more to keep track of!

Group piece 1: Inked!

Character piece 1: Pending


Welcome to the FUNGLE by professorfandango
Welcome to the FUNGLE
Yikes, what a week! Late again I know I'm sorry.

Another commission for kd8lmno wherein he wanted the wacky rapscallion Alfred Horowitz having captured Balir and Moustafa.
This was a tricky one. I drew Alfred first and was really happy with him but then couldn't figure out how to compose the rest of it. I went through several "tied to chairs/locked in foot stocks" attempts but they just weren't sticking so I tried a completely different approach and got something a bit more original for it!

I was informed that I didn't have to make it "fetishy," but this is a man whose entire life seems to revolve around feet so I felt I could add an element of that without making it sexual.
As ever, big thanks to kd8lmno for requesting it and I hooooope you like it!

SMASH: BANJO KAZOOIE by professorfandango
NEUTRAL -Egg Shot- Banjo crouches down so Kazooie can spit an egg projectile in a straight line. Maybe different types of egg ocassionally appear.
SIDE -Beak Barge- A powerful, beak first shoulder barge which takes a moment to prepare and connects heavily.
UP -Flap Flip- Kazooie uses her wings to enable a large backflip, the gust from the wings will also push away close opponents.
DOWN -Clockwork Kazooie Egg- Kazooie bounces out a big red egg which breaks open to reveal a tiny clockwork version of herself. It will walk around on its own and eventually detonate.
FINAL -MUMBO MAGIC- The duo calls upon their old pal Mumbo Jumbo to administer his transformation magic. Naturally the most impressive shape they can take is the historically inaccurate tyrannosaur which is comparable to Giga Bowser by way of being super strong and unable to flinch, but able to take some damage.

So by now I've seen a few of these "Top Picks" charts which are essentially all conjecture but I can appreciate that an awful lots of votes seem to be going to third party characters. Personally I'm not on board with this because I'd rather see more Nintendo characters but there are certainly some non-Nintendos I'd be happy to see. The most exciting ones for me would have to be Banjo and Kazooie. Not for some perverse thumb of the nose to Microsoft but because they're a pretty original pair and it would be a great chance to see some of our famous English mentality in the game (Kongs not withstanding)!
You might notice that I maintained their newer look here; I understand many fans would rather see them in their N64 guise but I just don't feel it's as strong a design. Maybe it's because everything has googly eyes in the B-K games so the main characters just seem like "standard bear and bird design" or maybe those big, glassy eyes just look a little soulless to me. Either way I think the angular versions are much stronger and probably the most likely version of them to appear.

What are their chances?
Now there's the question. There does seem to be a LOT of support for the pair and Nintendo has said that your vote doesn't need to go to a Nintendo character but their greatest hindrance is that they are owned by Microsoft who, unlike Namco, Sega or Capcom, is a direct competitor to Nintendo. That said, a Microsoft spokesperson has given their blessing for the duo to appear so there's certainly a chance, it all depends on what kind of red tape is involved and if Nintendo even wants to include characters who were previously so close to them.

They may be frontrunners!
SMASH: MOTHER BRAIN by professorfandango
Have you guys ever tried to draw a brain? It ain't easy!

NEUTRAL -Rinka- Mother Brain shoots a small circular projectile which will bouce off surfaces.
SIDE -Venom Breath- I didn't want to use the word spit, or puke or Mommy gobs loads of dreck on you. For this move she emits a poisonous liquid from an artificial orifice which remains on the stage for a short amount of time to continue dealing damage.
UP -Eject Blast- Shooting an explosion out of her robotic base, Mother Brain gains a small vertical boost.
DOWN -Electric Field She generates an electrical field around her which does glancing damage to airborne units but will do knockback damage to units in the field that are touching the ground. Like Raikou's ability in Melee.
FINAL -HYPER BEAM- A large, wide, multicoloured beam projects from Mother Brain's eye doing cumulative damage and launches upon completion. Can be directed up and down.

Woah, woah, what is this nonsense? Well, if you're going to suggest a new Metroid character, who else can you choose? One of those "Hunters" nobody remembers? Somebody from Other M who witty remark? Ridley?
I've actually already done Ridley and we already know his story but if you said "Dark Samus," here's INCOMING CONTROVERSIAL OPINION:
I think the single most creatively bankrupt thing you can do is make a "Dark [Character]" character, and while I did entertain the notion of altering the character slightly and classifying it as "Metroid Prime" that would have been a bit too much of a liberty and doesn't really fix the issue.
So I chose Mother Brain! An important element of the series, I'm sure you'll agree, but get this: As a brain, so won't even be that big! Roughly the same size or perhaps slightly bigger than Bowser, considering how she scales with Samus in her own games. We've also seen her function outside of the jar with the help of some sort of body that is possibly biological or maybe organic, I'm not completely sure. So I simply outfitted her with some Metroid Prime inspired legs and away we go! Surely you can appreciate the fun potential of seeing a big lump of flesh leaping about the place? You can't deny she's unique, at least.

What are her chances?
I think the developers realise that there's not a huge wealth of suitable Metroid characters for Smash, because it kind of goes against the entire series; That Samus is a small human alone on planets full of giant monsters, and that's why Zero Suit Samus has become a de facto second character. We have at least seen Mother Brain on the battlefield now but her playable chances? Less than 20% I'd say.

Alright, DEFINITELY less than 30%
SMASH: GENO by professorfandango
NEUTRAL -Finger Shot- A rapid fire volley of small bullets, Geno can keep shooting indefinitely but will eventually push opponents out of their range.
SIDE -Geno Beam- Having completely forgotten about the Geno Beam I almost used the Rocket Punch here, but that would make a nice long ranged smash attack instead. A chargeable beam move which will execute at a longer distance with a larger charge.
UP -Star Gun- Geno fires a barrage of star shaped shots downwards which in turn propels him upwards.
DOWN -Geno Whirl- Geno begins charging a ring of energy that expands around his waist, damaging anybody who touches it but leaving him immobile and vulnerable from above and below. Given enough time to fully charge - and only when fully charged - the ring is launched a short distance in front of him for incredible damage. This attack can be cancelled while charging.
FINAL -GENO BLAST- Appealing to the Star Street from whence he came, Geno calls a series of multicoloured beams to fall from the sky.

It's Geno! He's a recent addition that I almost didn't include, because I'd forgotten all about him. There was SUCH a furore about people wanting him in Brawl but once Smash 3DS/Wii U came about I barely saw any support for him! From Super Mario RPG and technically belonging to Square Enix, Geno's inclusion would probably be more along the lines of a guest character than a Mario character. The only reason I actually chose him though was because there are so many people clamoring for him. He's been in one game! That's hardly Smash shoo-in territory.
Now don't get me wrong, I love SMRPG, it's one of my favourite games ever and I would revel in the possibility to play as a character from it. Now I'm not sure why people think Geno deserves a place before Mallow (he doesn't) but I can accept that he'd probably be more fun and I'd welcome him with open arms. The real shame is that he probably wouldn't come with a requisite slew of other SMRPG content like trophies and music.

What are his chances?
Probably very low. His game has been released on Virtual Console (in Europe, no less!) so the acknowledgement is there, but Square have made a number of Mario spin-off titles recently and have only populated them with guest Final Fantasy characters, even though it would be the perfect opportunity to bring back some much beloved Mario obscurities. The best we got was a piece of music from SMRPG in Boom Street, but that's a small consolation. It might be part of Nintendo's recent insistence of not deviating too much from the established cast and scripts, such as they are, since some other second party Mario games have already been reined in for it. BUT, the Smash Ballot might the best thing to happen to Geno! As long as his supporters are still as vocal as they used to be, they could certainly get him a big slice of that vote pie.

It's up to his fans! Does that include you?
Romance Showdown! by professorfandango
Romance Showdown!
I hit a few snags with this one so it's a bit late but I hope kd8lmno doesn't mind!

For his latest commission he wanted Percy, Robin and Felipa enacting a scene not dissimilar to a certain popular American comic series. I am not at liberty to say which one.

But I couldn't resist this. Don't worry, I do have a separate image of just the characters that I'll send across privately but come on, you gotta give me a break on this one!

There's probably a finite number ways I can thank this man for his constant commissions but here's another one: ThNaK YuO! It's not my favourite way, I'll admit.



Scottland "Last Resort" Willetts
United Kingdom

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Komodo-Toon Featured By Owner 1 day ago
May I can give you some ideas for characters artworks?

- Conker
- Joanna Dark
- Kameo
- Battletoads
- Jago (Killer Instinct)
- Juno & Vela (Jet Force Gemini)
- Sabreman
- Princess Daisy
- Shantae
- Shovel Knight
- Rayman
- Tiny Kong
- Lanky Kong
- Chunky Kong

Btw. I just love your freaking art style. It's so... I don't know, it's just wonderful, a simple but still great looking cartoon style. 
professorfandango Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
Wow, that's a lot of third party characters! You know this is a Nintendo game, right?

I'm actually taking a break from the Smash Rally for the time being. Banjo and Kazooie was the last character I had drawn and I've got some other important projects that really need my attention right now but I'll probably come back at some point. There's plenty of time before the votes are collected and I'll certainly keep your suggestions in mind! Thanks very much!
Komodo-Toon Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
Yeah, sorry, I was a bit hyped about about the new Rareware games and playtonic. To bad about the rally. Really love your style.
BooDestroyer89 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015
Do you happen to take commissions? I'd love to get one from you!
professorfandango Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015
As a matter of fact I do!

The details are here: professorfandango.deviantart.c… though the sob story about rent is now mostly out of date.

Feel free to drop me a note about it!
BooDestroyer89 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015
Hey, if you're ready for another one, I'll note you soon!
professorfandango Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Sure! I've actually already got a new commission on the go but I'll just update my journal checklist.
CakeNoodlePaddy Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your cartoon style has a simple yet incredibly expressive and detailed look- your style is now one of my new favourites and I am so glad I stumbled across you and your work! xD Totally love it! <3
professorfandango Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015
Oho wow, thank you very much!

It's clear from your own work that you know a thing or two about expressiveness so I'm flattered you see that in mine!
CakeNoodlePaddy Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome! ;u; :heart:

Oh, gosh! That is so nice of you to say, :iconsupertighthugplz: but I feel I still need to work on getting more life in the expressions I draw! xD So I absolutely look up to your art! ;u; And I hope to reach your works level of life and expression! :heart:
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