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That Daisy picture I uploaded yesterday just got a TON of favourites. Was it posted somewhere, featured somewhere to give it some kind of huge exposure? I'd be interested to find out!


This one is brand new because the idea only came to me a couple of days ago.

Master Hand in Smash???
As I mentioned in my Daisy entry: professorfandango.deviantart.c… I would expect the final newcomer to have some air of importance around it, like they'd want to go out with a big bang.
I don't really know any Nintendo characters who would be such a huge surprise (especially with Ridley already confirmed) and while it could be a guest character, there is another possibility!

(I know he's technically a Nintendo character but I think you know what I mean.)

What about somebody to represent the Smash series itself? Somebody who originated from Smash and has been in every single game to date? Master Hand has been in more games that some of the fighters!
The Smash Bros series has generated quite a lot of original content, and much of it I don't care for. Specifically in the Subspace Emissary - which was great in every other sense - I didn't understand why they set it in a bland, characterless world full of enemies that - in my very debatable opinion - were kind of ugly. Why not use the rich, colourful worlds and enemies of the Nintendo franchises that this series celebrates?

But Master Hand is a bit of a different story. The whole 'narrative' of the series is that the fighters are toys that are being played with by a child's hand, which manifests in the 'imagination world' as a giant oppressive glove. Simple, but makes sense, right? For that reason some might consider it wrong for Master Hand to be on the same level as other fighters but Smash is often referred to as a 'dream match-up' kind of game so I don't think it would be a particularly bad idea.

Plus his moves would be easy to translate into a fighter! Instead of floating he would 'walk' around in his fingers and his many digits would afford him lots of different standard attacks. Then things like fingertip bullets, spinning hand missile attack and others would fit neatly into the special moves!

And technically he could be a boss AND a fighter, though we haven't heard anything about modes for the new game yet so we don't know exactly what role Master Hand will have. But I would play as him!
That Daisy picture I uploaded yesterday just got a TON of favourites. Was it posted somewhere, featured somewhere to give it some kind of huge exposure? I'd be interested to find out!
SMASH 150 - 152 - DAISY
Why don't we talk - just briefly - about Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


This Picture
I actually drew this several months ago. Sketches of Daisy and a few others were produced not long after I wrapped up my Smash 150 project since I was considering putting together a 'DLC' follow up.
Of course I moved away from that and onto other things but I think now is an appropriate time to finish up this one in particular.

Daisy in Smash
Please allow me to make enemies for a moment.
Despite the fact that I've been championing Waluigi as the Mario spinoff fighter I do actually like Daisy! I just think her fans might be a little too enthusiastic. I am very confident that there are plenty who will say "I like Daisy, I'd love to see her playable but I'm not holding my breath," but the only ones I've seen so far are those that think she should be in every game ever made, steer every single conversation onto the subject of Daisy and consider it a personal insult if she isn't included in every new Mario game. Sadly since the reveal I've started to see a lot more of the same behaviour from Waluigi fans.

But even though I opted for Waluigi (I just thought he'd be funnier to play as) I have also said that I consider both of these characters equal in reference to how much they "deserve" a fighting role.
Therefore, I think the reason Daisy was chosen and Waluigi is an assist again is because of the introduction of Echo Fighters.

Now, Echo Fighters are nothing new to Smash, we've just been calling them 'clones' before now but it's nice that they've made an explicit reference to them and even given them their own name. So Daisy is a perfect choice for an Echo Fighter because from every practical angle she's identical to Peach, especially in size and general design which makes the process of reusing the same rig and animation data much easier to implement.
And if Daisy's an Echo I don't think Waluigi deserves anything more than the same treatment. Unfortunately he doesn't really fit any other character in size, shape and movement. He couldn't be an Echo of Wario because they would have to significantly alter the animation rig to make it work (and some of Wario's attacks wouldn't even make sense for Waluigi.)

Anyway I AM glad to see Daisy here and I used Peach quite a lot in the last game so I might actually find her in my regular rotation!

Echo Fighters
Sakurai has previously mentioned that clone fighters are basically freebies. They use a significantly lower amount of resources than unique fighters so they're not "taking up a slot" and they're a perfect option for characters who maybe don't have particularly deep history or mechanics. Plus, pretty much anyone you choose is going to have at least a few fans who are very happy for the option - I can't stand Dark Pit but I don't think his fans should be punished - so I say why not cram them in? Some of my ideas are as follows:

Black Shadow - Captain Falcon
Sadly, Samurai Goroh is an assist yet again (very happy to see Sukapon show up on the battlefield though!). Not too surprising, since F-Zero is still a dormant franchise but I think that more than ever it needs a second Smash character.
It was postulated in my Black Shadow entry: professorfandango.deviantart.c… that they could overhaul Ganondorf and bestow the Falcon clone set to Black Shadow. We now know that Ganondorf wasn't quite overhauled but does diverge even more from Captain Falcon so an Echo Fighter from the series would fit quite nicely.
Blood Falcon would be obvious, and in fact the Captain does have a Blood Falcon costume, but it's just a colour scheme with a new design on the back of his outfit. How weird! With male/female variants, Alph and the Koopalings, how hard would it have been to replace the falcon motif with a few skulls and make him an alternate character costume? It wouldn't be much but it would have technically been a second F-Zero character.

Impa - Sheik
I had previously posited the idea of giving Impa Sheik's moveset: professorfandango.deviantart.c… and now's the time to do it! The Legend of Zelda, one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, hasn't had a new character since Melee (I guess there was Toon Link, but since all of the Links are different and interchangeable (like how the current 'Adult Link' is now a different one from last time,) they could easily have named him Young Link and simply said "This time Young Link is based on the Wind Waker" so I'm not quite counting it.)
Either way they ought to get somebody new and while my fingers are still crossed for Tingle or Tetra this would be another neat fit.

Doc Louis - Litte Mac
Looking at the character list on the official Ultimate website it's tragic to see so many franchises with only one character to their name. Little Mac is a boxing character. Every character in Punch Out is a boxing character so an Echo would probably be an easy choice. I'd go for Doc Louis as a slower version of Mac because I've already said I'd like to see him show up! professorfandango.deviantart.c…

Another Pikmin Captain - Olimar
I think it would be tough to come up with another unique moveset for a Pikmin character that really works but an Echo Fighter could work nicely (My suggestion is Charlie but giving him the Rock Pikmin that didn't appear in 3DS/Wii U: professorfandango.deviantart.c…)

Dark Samus - Samus
I'm loathe to say this because I hate hate hate dark characters but Metroid is another series that's sorely lacking in characters and this would be a reasonable addition.

Funky Kong - Donkey Kong
There are certainly DK characters I'd rather see, but I want them as unique fighters. Considering his starring role in the Switch release of Tropical Freeze, Funky already exists as a variant of Donkey Kong so this would add another notch onto another underappreciated franchise.

Any Starfox character - Any Starfox character
Like F-Zero, Starfox characters are mostly known behind the controls of vehicles so while we might scoff at how Falco and Wolf are quite similar to Fox, they don't have a lot to work with to begin with.
Since Falco started as a clone of Fox and Wolf is definitely the most divergent of the three, maybe they could squeeze a Leon Echo out of him? I am, however, still rooting for the Starfox 2 girls.

Ninten - Ness
There are several reasons this seems obvious. First, the Mother series is long over so new, unique characters aren't really going to be high on Nintendo's priority list, I imagine. Making Ninten a clone would give us a nice trio of the protagonists from all three Mother games. The thing is, Ninten's design is almost identical to Ness's, so much so that I wondered why he wasn't just an alternate character model. Maybe because you could barely tell the difference...? Perhaps making him an Echo and slightly tweaking his design might make him more distinguishable.

Birdo - Yoshi???
This is a bad idea and I don't like it. My initial reasoning was that Yoshi is another series that could do with another character, though his strong connection to the Mario series makes that difficult. When I tried to think of other characters that fit his general build I came up with Birdo and the horrible thing is that once you stop to think about it, Yoshi's moves would translate to her pretty well! Swap out the tongue attacks with suction based effects and it kind of works! Of course, she wouldn't be considered a Yoshi character so that puts that idea out the window!

But why am I suggesting so many Echo Fighters? Well, since they've been specifically categorised with their own special term, I get the feeling we'll be seeing more than just Daisy and again, as an extra character who doesn't use many resources I'd be happy to see a few more of them. Obviously unique movesets would be even better but we've already got over sixty of them, why not add a little icing to that cake?

Plus, Sakurai hinted that there might not be too many newcomers in this game! Does this also include Echo Fighters?
I'm not too worried about that. I crunched the numbers and discovered that:
Melee introduced 14 newcomers
Brawl, 18 newcomers
Wii U/3DS 21 newcomers
I didn't realise how much they ramped up in each game but Ultimate could even have as many as fifteen newcomers and it would still be considered on the 'low' end.

I'm also at the point where I'm not expecting too much. One thing I specifically hoped for in the Smash 150 was that they would bring back every single character and they did! I never thought it would happen but 'm very pleased about it (and love the numbering system they've assigned to the characters.)
What else is left? My top picks are either obscure or just plain unlikely so while I am still crossing my fingers for them I'm not going to expect anything, I'm very happy with what we've already got.
Like Ridley! I didn't see it coming but a small part of me kind of expected it. I have said in the past that if anyone can make it work, it's Nintendo, even if they have to take a few liberties. So after saying an Animal Crossing character wouldn't work and then doing it, I figured all of the talk about how Ridley couldn't work would be a perfect precursor to them actually putting him in!
Sure he seems strangely small at first but I've got used to it and I'm sure you will too.

But now...who might be the final, final character revealed for this game?
Melee had Mr. Game & Watch, an incredibly peculiar and obscure choice - therefore really cool.
Brawl was officially Wolf, but rumour has it he was a last minute addition and despite the order in which the characters were actually announced, Sonic is the final character to show up in the Subspace Emissary so you could kind of think of him as the final character - which is of course a huge event.
Wii U/3DS had Bayonetta, the Smash Ballot winner and another surprising guest character! So where do we go from here?

I've said before that while I am very happy with the guests we have I don't want to see any more, I'd rather focus on Nintendo characters. I can't guarantee that will happen, however, but I do have an idea of who might be a surprising final instalment...
Let's close out this robot set with the most ostentatious droid in Professor Fandango's entourage!

Over the last few years I've played several games that use platinum as a level beyond excellence and often do so with a lustrous, shiny white metal that reflects the whole spectrum. A visual I really liked so I considered making a platinum robot to be the pinnacle of the Fandangobots - the 'optional boss' kind of robot.

Actually achieving this super shiny look wasn't easy and I'm not convinced I completely managed it but maybe I can do an even better job with it in motion.
One of the design aspects I wanted to incorporate was a 'sleekness' that, in the context of my usual robot design process, meant 'no visible screws or rivets.'

As I continued putting it together I noticed it was starting to look a bit like Relative Error: a now defunct Fandango minion who I'm just realising had never been published! (along with several others, it seems, from around 2003-2004.) It also bore some resemblance to Perfect Existence: and serves an almost identical role so I kind of merged all of the details together and made this the conceptual 'robotic version' of Perfect Existence, which is also where the name came from.

Not many people know where in Fandango Laboratories he can be found - indeed, quite a few of the denizens don't even know he exists!
I've pretty much got through my entire message backlog now. I've been getting a lot more comments recently and I very much appreciate it!

However, I'm going away for two weeks so I won't be responding to anything during that time. I'm not ignoring you!

See you next month!


Scottland "Last Resort" Willetts
United Kingdom


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I'm telling you, you need to make some sort of art book or something so we can support your excellent work somewhere outside of commissions.
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Haha, you flatter me sir!

I did put together a Patreon page last year when I was having serious financial troubles but ultimately never published it.
For now I think the fact that people take any interest in my work at all is support enough and I thank you for doing so!
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and here's the finished product New Doc 2018-05-10 1 by UWblossmZH2O i like to do art dumps so it will be posted in 7 to 10 days :)
professorfandango Featured By Owner May 12, 2018
Ah! Well this is lovely! Her flowing hair looks really nice and the folds in the clothing give them a great floaty look!

Many thanks for doing this, I'll look forward to seeing it posted!
UWblossmZH2O Featured By Owner May 12, 2018
glad you like it :D
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working on your drawing now :)
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